White Picnic Blanket | Boho Picnic Rug

White Picnic Blanket | Boho Picnic Rug - ESSENTIAL STOCKIST White Boho Rug Only ESSENTIAL STOCKIST

White Picnic Blanket | Boho Picnic Rug

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This one is our luxury boho rug - can be used indoor as a lavish throw or outdoor as a vibrant and fresh picnic mat. Be sure to select the waterproof mat variation if using for outdoors so you are wet grass or beach proof! Leather handle can be included as an option. 

Choose between 3 Options: 1.  White Boho Picnic Rug Only 2. White Boho Picnic Rug with Handle 3. White Boho Picnic Rug with Handle and Waterproof Mat. 

Perfect addition to your next outdoor event or gift idea. 


⦿ Waterproof mat variant available – means you can picnic even on wet grass or by the beach and easily wipe off any food or wine droppings! 
⦿ Durable & Sturdy – means made for rough and tough use. Made with Orlon Acrylic Fibre and multiple waterproof layers  
⦿ Lightweight, warm and comfortable  
⦿ Foldable and easy to carry around 
⦿ Super easy to clean – a brush and damp cloth is all you will need 
⦿ Adds to the vibe of your picnic and easily fits 4 to 6 people


⦿ Blanket Material: 3 Layer; Cotton
⦿ Waterproof Mat: Available to add 
⦿ Handle: PU Leather available to add


⦿ Large: 130 cm x 230 cm (59 inches x 79 inches)
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