3D Galaxy Moon Lamp - 16 Colors

Size: 10 cms/ 3.9 in
  • This 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp is the perfect home decor addition or mesmerising christmas present this gifting season.


    • 16 Colors: Conveniently change the Moon Lamp between 16 different colors to reflect your mood and transform your space.

    • Remote Control: Effortlessly operate the 3D Moon Lamp by remote control to switch between colors and the various light settings. 

    • USB Rechargeable: Recharge the table lamp with the USB charging cable which connects to any micro-USB adapter. 

    • 3D Print Technology: Each lamp takes 26 hours to individually 3D print. Every crater has been carefully designed to reflect the moon's surface using real satellite imaging.

    Displayed on a wooden stand, this stunning lamp is perfect as a night light, bedside table lamp, or home decor that will light up any room and  have your loved ones captivated.