Rose Quartz Crystal Suncatcher


Rose Quartz Crystal Suncatcher

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A magical set of Crystal Light Catching Ornaments that sparkle in the sun!

Harvest the sun with these unique and mesmerizing Pink or Purple Quartz Crystal Suncatchers™️, and light up any space with the most beautiful display of colors.

Makes for an awesome Home Decor addition making the most unique reflection and light effects. It can be used as a Garden Hanging Pendant, Window and Curtain Ornament, Crystal Window Hanging, Crystal Wind Chime or as a Car Hanging/ Car Suncatcher.

Choose between Rose or Purple Quartz Crystal hanging within a golden metal frame above a chandelier of Aura Quartz and clear crystal droplets.

Stunning crystals catch and reflect light beautifully; ideal for hanging over windows or anywhere sunlight passes through.


• Crystal light catcher jewelry made with K9 crystal.
• Advanced cutting process, flawless, unique refraction effects.
• 2 Stunning Variations available - Pink or Purple Quartz.
• Unique and beautiful reflections and light effects when the sunlight shines from different angles.
• Durable, premium make and finish
• Suitable for any room space for many occasions, including Christmas tree decoration, parties, chandeliers, walls, nurseries, cars, plants, curtains, balconies, and even weddings.
• Perfect gift choice or home decor addition.


• Size: Length 450mm
• Material: Rose Pink or Purple Quartz with crystal droplets

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